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The security of your organization is imperative to the success of your company, whether that be ensuring the privacy of confidential information, protecting high value equipment or product, and of course the safety of you and your workers. If you’re thinking of updating your locks on your doors, gt locksmith milton takes care of your requirements.

Rekey Services Offered

As an business stand-out,locksmith milton is qualified to deal with any questions or issues you may have. We offer:
• Standard lock varies
• Electronic lock varies
• Master rekeying systems
• Rekeying of all lock types
The Difference Between Lock Altering and Rekeying

Lock Changing.

On an present lock that has aged, altering up your lock entirely might be your very best alternative. General wear and use over time may compromise the functionality of the lock and the total effectiveness. If your lock is giving you troubles and is not working as well as it used to, it could be time to have the lock changed.


With rekeying, you do not have to get the entire lock altered. It’s possible to keep the existing lock and only the inside mechanism has to be adjusted so as to fit a new key. The hooks will be reconfigured to operate with a brand new key.

Master Rekeying

Master rekeying may be a solid investment for your business or home, giving you ease and efficiency. A master key system lets you have just one master key that opens multiple locks.

Sub-master keys can open some locks but not all of them. They are also known as change keys. In case you have a master key system which has five locks, then the master key can open five while your sub-master or alter keys will only have the ability to start some of them.

Having a master key allows for convenience in a business where multiple people have varying degrees of security statements. By Way of Example, an owner or manager would be able to open all of the doors to a company place with Their master key while particular workers would only have access to some doors using their sub-master key.

This cuts down on having to carry multiple keys at once and needing to remember what key opens exactly what door, which can result in unnecessary confusion and a waste of time. Deciding on a master rekeying plan for your home or business may lead to increased efficiency and peace of mind.

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