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The Kwikset Kevo smart lock comes with a clever design that lets you touch the lock to unlock it but that is only one feature which makes it really terrific. Here’s the way to get the most from our Kevo lock.

Debra L. talks about her experience

I was looking to discover a gt locksmith Brampton. I’d locked my keys in my car once I was heating my car up. I moved out and began it then hurried back into my home. I tried to go get into it and realized that I must have inadvertently locked the doors to my car. I didn’t have a spare set of keys and since it was late at night I was not sure which locksmiths would be accessible.

I went online and searched for gt locksmith Brampton. I discovered the listings and phone numbers gave the first one a call. I didn’t get an answer so I moved on into the next locksmith. They replied and said it would take them about 10 minutes for me.
I waited to the locksmith to show up so I could get to work. I was running late so I called my job to let them know what was going on. Luckily, I have a manager that is understanding and told me that it was okay and thanks for tell them.

The locksmith eventually arrived, and it took them no longer than 10 minutes to get there. However, I was happy when they could get my doors unlocked inside just a couple of minutes. I paid them on the place and managed to send the receipt to my insurance company to get reimbursed for the expense. I will call this locksmith back should I lock my keys in my car or need to have keys made. They worked fast to get my keys out of my car. I was able to make it into work and I had been only a few minutes late thanks to them.

When you telephone us we will do our very best to serve you and assist you with your locks!

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