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You pull back into your driveway after a long day at work and running errands. Walking up to the front door in oakville, you take out your keys to unlock it. You twist your key and then it snaps in half. The tooth end of your key just broke off in the lock and you are standing there at the door with your face in your hands.

When you break your key in your door, a couple different feelings and thoughts overwhelm you.

1) Total Desperation

“Of all days for this to happen, of course, it would be this one.” There is never a great time for your key to break. Being locked out of your house is discouraging and incredibly stressful. The key breaks and your gut sinks, throwing you into desperation and despair.

2) “I Can Fix This”

After a few minutes of disbelief, you say to yourself “I can still get into the house.” You might even try to ram the handle end of the key into the lock to see if you can get any leverage.

That’s a terrible idea. In most cases when your key snaps off in a lock, you need to call an expert that can help you get back in.

Why Do Keys Break?

Keys can break off in locks for a number of reasons. After using a key repeatedly, hundreds or even thousands of times, the key will wear out. The metal can become weak around the part of the key that takes the brunt of the rotational force when you twist it in the lock.

Locks that are older can cause this as well. Old and poorly lubricated locks create more friction and resistance between the locking mechanism and the teeth and shaft of the key.

Either one or both of these reasons can lead to your key breaking off in your door.

What You Should Do Right After You Break A Key

When you break your key off in your lock, you try everything that you can to get back in your house. The last thing that you want to do is tamper with the lock, as this can make the problem worse. If you happen to have a thin pair of tweezers, you can try to get the key out yourself. Beware, if the tweezers are too thick, you can shove the key further into the lock, making the problem much worse.

Contacting A Professional Locksmith For A Broken Key

Broken key scenarios often take more than a pair of tweezers to fix. So you don’t cause further damage to your lock and make the problem worse, contact our experts at gt locksmith Oakville. Call our locksmith experts today so that we can help you get back into your home as soon as possible.

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