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Your safety and the security of your company is important to us. That is why our team at gt Locksmith Etobicoke provides the highest-quality service in the area and state of the art locking technology and equipment so that we may keep safe what’s most valuable to you and your company.

One of the most significant services which we may supply is in making sure your business is guarded. To accomplish that, we give a wide variety of high-performance industrial magnetic and electric locks.

Commercial Magnetic And Electric Locks

To Ensure That you have the best in the industry when it comes to protecting your facility, we provide

• Installment
• Maintenance
• And fix

For industrial magnetic and electric locks alike. If you are not familiar with magnetic or electric locks, then here is an overview of each and the way they each use different mechanisms and functionalities to deliver your company optimum protection.

Commercial Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks utilize a strong electromagnet and a coupling plate that holds your lock snugly in place to prevent intrusion. Many magnetic locks require a power supply to stay locked, whereas others will remain locked even when power is lost.
For the most part, if your lock is going to have a power supply, magnetic locksmith Etobicoke might be feasible layer of safety for your industry. If that is not true, you may choose to explore the idea of using commercial electric locks.

Commercial Electric Locks

An electrical lock is generally opened by a fob or keycard on the outside of the designated door or building. The benefit to this kind of lock is that if your power goes outside, these locks would still be fully operational.

Differences between Magnetic and Electric Locks

The most important difference between both of these locks is that magnetic locks do not have any interlocking inner elements that hold the lock itself to the door or doorframe, and electric locks have attached bits that hold the lock into its partner locking mechanism, to keep it in place.

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