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Is your back not opening? Do not await an appointment at a dealership, we can obtain access and repair it straight away!

At gt locksmith etobicoke we offer 24/7 locksmith solutions to etobicoke and the surrounding metropolitan area. we can come to your location within 30 minutes or less!

Trunk lock problems are extremely common and can occur for many different motives in Etobicoke. The most usual is unintentionally locking your keys in the back. Another common problem is the latch or locking mechanism becomes faulty, this occurs more often with older vehicles but may also happen with newer ones.

Over time with repeated use and exposure to the elements locks and latches could become damaged or worn. It’s usually only a matter of time until it stops working. When they do stop functioning, it usually occurs in the most inconvenient of time.

Your trunk lock may quit working when you have groceries in the trunk which have to get into the freezer. Or you might have something valuable in there or just something you can go without.

Whatever the case might be, there’s no need to await a consultation for an expensive dealership. We provide 24/7 emergency locksmith services in Etobicoke.

Should I make an appointment in a dealership?

When difficulties arise with automobiles, most individuals’ first thought is to call the dealership and make an appointment. But in regards to lock and key issues this generally isn’t the ideal option for you, for a couple reasons.

The first explanation is the total amount of time that it takes. Dealerships are usually booked out a couple weeks in advance. Chances are you can not wait that long to access your trunk. When they do get you in for an appointment you normally have to wait there for an hour or two, or worse leave your vehicle there for your day. That makes it quite inconvenient because you need to arrange for someone else to pick up you and drop you off when the repairs are finished.

The next reason why a dealership is most likely not the ideal choice for you is the cost. Dealership labour rates can be very expensive, typically around $100 per hour.

Also, but they are more likely to replace the lock even if it could’ve been repaired. This is only because they earn more profit when selling you new components than they do fixing parts.

So what is the better choice?

For many trunk lock along with other car lock associated issues, an automotive locksmith like us is the better choice. There are a few reasons why including:

  • No need to await an appointment — we offer 24/7 mobile service in Etobicoke and may visit your location within 30 minutes or less.
  • Less expensive — we are in the business of helping clients and providing alternatives, not selling fresh pieces. If your lock latch can be repaired we’ll repair it. If it needs to be replaced, then we could replace it using the very same parts the dealership would use, but generally for less cash than the full marked up retail price they would charge.
  • We specialize in locks — our technicians simply concentrate on lock and key related services, when compared with a huge assortment of car problems that dealership technicians experience each day. By specializing only in lock and key fixes, we could work more effectively and provide greater quality of workmanship to get less cash.

How long does it take to start a trunk?

An average car lockout just takes approximately five to ten minutes for our locksmiths to solve. We begin by diagnosing the issue and determining the best and safest way to get entry. For most vehicles and cars, we start by gaining entry to this car and then opening the trunk from the interior release change.

Most frequently it’s a easy cure for our highly trained and seasoned trunk open technicians in Etobicoke. However, based on the vehicle and sort of security features the automobile has, the problem could be more complicated. But, whatever the complexity our technicians are able to get access to your car and back without causing any damage.

If your keys have been locked inside your trunk we’ll have the ability to get them out. If your trunk is trapped or not opening for any reason we’ll be able to fix the issue for you. Our trunk release technicians in Etobicoke work very efficiently because we experience various types of issues each and every day.

Can I try to start it myself?

If you can’t access your trunk you usually have three choices –

  • Try to start it yourself
  • Make an appointment with a dealership
  • Call a locksmith

We already covered why it’s better to call Etobicoke locksmith than make an appointment at an automobile mechanic, but what about attempting to mend it or get access yourself?

The answer really depends on three things, the first being what is causing the issue. Are the keys locked in the back, or is the lock not working correctly?
The second is your degree of knowledge and expertise with automotive locks, latching systems, and doors in Etobicoke.

And the next is do you have the ideal tools for your job?

For those who understand what the matter is, have experience solving similar issues on automobiles, and also have the right tools then trying to fix the lock or obtain access may be a viable option for you. But for most people attempting to do it in their might be a poor idea. You could actually cause more harm, leading to additional repair expenses that could’ve been averted.

We recommend calling best locksmith at Etobicoke first before deciding which path to take. We will ask you a few questions regarding the issue you’re experiencing and give you a free price estimate. Most of the time our trunk unlock service is very inexpensive compared to what you’d pay at a dealership, in addition to the expense to repair damages from somebody trying repairs themselves.

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