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If it comes to modern society, it appears that the majority of our goods and devices have been updated to be high-tech as you can. Nowadays, we’ve got instant access to a huge knowledge, in addition to a high-resolution camera, a fax machine, and an instant messenger, all in one.

However, 1 part of technology that has not changed over the years is that the humble key. No matter where you go, people still carry around various keys to various locks and doorknobs. Even with pocket-sized computers, the best way to guard your property or your belongings is using a key gt locksmith Etobicoke.

Alas, the security of a key can do the job for you and against you. Thankfully, you can avoid this obstacle by getting duplicates of some very important keys on your keychain.

Locksmith etobicoke, we provide complete key duplication for virtually any circumstance, including the following:

Automotive Keys

Getting locked out of your car is never a fun situation, particularly when you only have one key to enter it. Make a spare so you don’t ever have to worry about getting stuck out of your vehicle.

Locksmith etobicoke, we can replicate most car keys, including many of the modern ones that are coded. We can also provide FOBs so you are able to maintain the same degree of convenience with each new copy.

House/Apartment Keys

Should you ever find yourself locked out of your home, you want to make confident that you can get in fast and efficiently. Whether you are carrying groceries or you have pressing matters to attend to, leaving a spare key from the area is an excellent way to prevent disaster.

In addition to duplicating your home or apartment key, we have an range of hide-a-key boxes that you can use. Be sure that you keep your keys where thieves and intruders won’t find them. A spare is not any good if it only provides easy access to your belongings.

Lock And Key

Car and house doors usually have locks built in. However, there are plenty of scenarios where you Will Need a padlock with a key (or combination), such as:

• Gym Locker
• Trailer Hitch
• Storage Unit
• Cabinets/Drawers
• Sheds

Locksmith etobicoke, we’ve just about any sort of lock and key set it’s possible to imagine. No matter how much security you need, we have you covered.

Fast and Dependable Service, Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on our ability to serve our clients. Regardless of what kind of key you need to be duplicated, we will get you on your way in no time. In addition, we carry a variety of sizes and styles so that you may add some character to your keys. Various colours, patterns, and designs can help you differentiate keys from each other, as well as help you identify your keys if they have lost.

Locksmith etobicoke, you may be certain that our key duplication will work for you. Come in now and see how we could serve you.


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