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Why You Should Think about Lock Rekeying And Master System Rekeying To Your Enterprise?

Protecting your company is protecting your investment and your livelihood gt locksmith Oakville. We take the utmost care and pride and making sure your business or commercial place is as safe as possible by giving you all of the layers and tools of protection and security that you require.

Something significant that you and every business owner should think about is that has access to your enterprise and also to what extent that access goes.

If you are concerned with who has priority access to various regions of your building, there are a couple options you need to consider. We would highly recommend either

What Is Rekeying?

Rekeying provides us the capability to change the interior mechanism of your own lock without needing to change the lock entirely. This gives you the power to create new keys created for your building and your team, without needing to incur the price of entire locks.

What is a Master System Rekey?

A master program rekey would comprise rekeying all or the majority of the locks in your construction. The principal benefit of owning a master rekey system is it gives you a master key that has the capacity to open multiple locks together with sub-master keys that only have the capabilities of opening the locks that you selected.

This entire system change has several major benefits including

  • Consolidating the amount of keys that you will need for your building so that you can throw away the oversize key ring.
  • Grant full or priority access to yourself and anyone in your business.
  • Prevent team members or personnel from accessing sensitive locations, materials, or information.

Why Choose One Over Another

What we recommend largely depends upon the dimensions of your operation and what it is you’re working to accomplish in rekeying your place Oakville.

Let Us Assist

If you’d like more information on rekeying and everything that might look like for you, contact us today.

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