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You and your loved ones just bought a new house. Before you move everything in, the vendor hands you the keys and says congratulations on being the proud owner of your new home.

A few decades after, you’re grocery shopping. Once you check out at the counter top with everything that you require, you reach into your pockets to catch your keys and they aren’t there. You scramble through your luggage to attempt and locate them, but they are nowhere in sight.

Customer support announces that you lost your keys, asking anyone who sees them return them into the customer service desk instantly. You keep an eye on your car while some of the shop’s associates go over each aisle with a fine-tooth comb. Unfortunately, your keys are nowhere in sight.

Happily, you have a backup set of car keys. Your significant other comes to bring them and you take your car home.

Why Are All These Situations Important?

They describe two chances in which you need to alter your door locks. When you move into a new residence, you want to believe the previous owner gave you every existing copy of the house keys in Toronto.

How Likely Is This?

Through the Years, the majority of Individuals make multiple copies of their house keys for

  • Friends
  • Family members
  • Coworkers that will watch your house or take care of your pets

As much as you may prefer to believe you have every key ever created for your new residence, you likely don’t. Which means a lot of people you don’t understand have access to a home anytime.

That is a little more evident in the second situation. When there is a sort of proof in your keyring as to where your home is and where you park your car, you’re in danger of someone stealing your car or breaking into your house.

Why You Need to Get Your Own Locks Changed

These are just two common examples for if you should think about changing your locks. Most families do not think of this when they move to a new house. The excitement and exhaustion of the transfer tend to overshadow security when keeping you and your family safe should be of utmost significance. Since you don’t know who or how many people might have keys to a new house, you should change your locks as soon as possible.

If your keys are lost or stolen, then you need to change your locks as soon as possible. Burglary and theft are serious issues. Problems that you can avoid and prevent by modifying your locks instantly.

Other reasons you Might Want to change your locks include

  • If you have gone through a divorce
  • If your house was burglarized
  • Or if your locks have been damaged

If one of these scenarios describe your current situation, get into contact with our experts at gt locksmith Toronto. We can help you alter your locks instantly.


For a free quote or security, consultation calls us. We’ll help you decide what sort of security system, locks, keys, and alarms will be suitable for your own commercial construction. We work with companies of all sorts and dimensions and we provide the most affordable rates in the area.

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